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Don't chicken out...there's something fishy in the bathroom

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A few nights ago while at my desk in my room I heard a splash. I figured my 奶奶 was mopping or doing the dishes so I didn't give it another thought. My family invited friends over so for dinner we had 3 older women crammed at our already narrow dinner table. They at some point all commented on my "good" chopstick skills. I know they are all just being polite. My chopsticks are better then when I first got here, but are nothing to be marveled at.
Once again at dinner I heard this splashing noise. It was definitely coming from our bathroom. I asked where 爷爷 was and they said he was taking a shower. From where I was sitting I could see the shower in the bathroom, no lights were on and it was definitely not being used. That's when I heard the splash again. Finally I asked Mary what that noise was.
"Oh that?" She says. " It's a fish, tomorrow we will eat it" and goes back to eating her 生菜.
Sure enough after dinner I walk in the bathroom and there sitting in a shallow pan uncomfortably close to our toilet is this interesting black fish. image




I tried to touch it but my aunty said I would get wet as it has been splashing all night. I said its probably scared, because it knows it's dinner. Aunty thought that was pretty funny.
But the story doesn't end there.
I'm sitting at my desk in my room doing homework, and my 奶奶 peeks her head in my room and shuts my door. Sometimes they do this when they know I'm doing homework and they want to watch television. After about 10 minutes I still didn't hear the tv but I didn't think much of it, and then I heard it. Clucking...and then a loud squawk. If I didn't have chickens growing up I wouldn't know what on earth that noise was, but i did. I was curious but I had a general notion of why there was a chicken in our house. I still wanted to check it out though so I did the whole "I need more water" and as soon as I walked out of my room, I kid you not... my whole family; aunty, uncle, grandma, grandpa and mary, were in the living room and upon my entrance they all laughed hysterically.
What's happening? I said
And my 奶奶 replies with just a simple "鸡" (chicken)
"What?" I said, and I was led over to the infamous ping pong table, my 奶奶 pulls out from under it a huge metal bowl with another bowl flipped over on top to make a lid...
She points and once again says "鸡" everyone loses it at this point. And now I am so confused I don't know what is going on. They can tell i don't quite understand, so my aunty runs over and against my grans protesting takes the top bowl off and the chicken inside goes ape shit.
I am sure you can all imagine what happens from that point on, there was a very unhappy chicken loose in our house. And yes we did have chicken for dinner the next night, with a side of fish as well.

Posted by Kaceyroo 01:36 Archived in China

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by quilbilly

Cute Story!! Really!

by Grandma J.

I love this story Kacey. I wish I had that picture of you holding the chicken. I would post it so your family could see it. Mom

by kellyingalls

Omg I would have gotten up in the middle of the night and let those animal go!! I can totally picture the chicken.

by AddiAsh

By the way, I can't read dads comment if it is in Chinese!!! Translate please.

by AddiAsh

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