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Sichuan day 1!

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First things first!!! Here is the link to my classmates vlog!! It is the one of us teaching at the migrant school and he explains in more -and if not in better detail- the issues revolving around migrant children.
And now.....


-this is from last week-
Thursday night we headed to the night market to buy some tanktops and other clothes for Sichuan. Then we returned and I spent the rest of the night packing my big backpack. Later I realized I should've been a bit more organized, as in I probably should've packed more then just two shirts. It was hard though because I was given grocery bags of food from my 奶奶, which took up a bunch of room.
The way that the food works in China is that there are four or five provinces that have a very prominent type of food. Like in the United States we have Italian food, Mexican food etc. In China though it is more localized. For example, Shanghai's food is sweet. Sichuan however? Spicy, spicier then spicy, as in a layer of peppers on top of every dish. And not just any type of peppers. I am almost posotove that they would be ilegal in the United States because after eating one, your ENTIRE mouth will go numb. Not just a little tingly, but numb numb. Now for someone who can't even handle mild salsa, I knew this was going to be a major problem. My host family knew this as well so they were scared I wouldn't be able to eat while in Sichuan. They were stuffing food in my hands even as I was heading out the door. Too bad it was bread. Oh well it's only six days, it will give my face sometime to slim down. :b
I headed to the bus with my backpacking pack on. If I didn't think I already caused some staring in my small neighborhood, walking through with this huge pack practically started a riot. No I'm kidding....not a riot, a car crash. That's two that I have caused so far. People really need to watch the road and not the 外国人.
We waited in the lobby of the dorm for a few late night partiers who over slept and then we hopped on our big tour bus to head to the airport. There was an abnormal amount of traffic and the ride took probably twice as long as it should've. We arrived at the airport when we were supposed to be boarding. We checked in and made it through security in time to run to our gate and wait for an hour. Our flight was delayed. I have yet to fly domestically in China without having a delay. They let us board and we sat on the Tarmac for probably two hours. Thankfully I was in the really comfortable middle seat...Other then being delayed our flight was fine.
We arrived in Sichuan and we headed to get our baggage. Only a few of us checked a bag, I was one of them. I saw my bag come down the ramp, and I couldn't help but be sad because of how dirty it has gotten. It was brand new when I brought it to China, now it is filthy and covered in oil and dirt from the airplanes. I was thinking of how impossible it was going to be to wash it, when I picked it up, and the entire thing was wet. I had my metal Klean Kanteen strapped to the side so I thought that maybe it had just leaked. Definitely not. It was fish...my entire bag was soaking and reeeeeeekeeddddd of fish. I quickly opened my bag...yup everything inside was wet and smelled like fish too. Not the greatest way to start the trip. I was pissed. I asked my teachers if we could go complain to someone and see if I couldn't at least get compensated in someway, so that maybe I could buy some clothes while I washed all of mine. No way, it's not broken or damaged so the airlines won't do anything about it. I pretty much dragged my bag behind me to our tour bus...
We met our tour guide "Gary." He's a young guy and a pretty awesome tour guide, but boy oh boy does he like to talk. He was standing in the front of the bus, right next to the clock. It was hard not to groan after an hour and half of him talking. We stopped at a small convenience store to buy some snacks. I really really had to go to the bathroom and I knew we were going to have a long bus ride ahead of us. I asked the guy in the store if they had a bathroom. He seemed a little hesitant and then finally with kind of a smirk on his face, he said yes we have one. He pointed to the back of the store. I'm pretty sure I let out a squeal when I walked in. It looked like some thing off of Saw. It was dirty, there were strange piles of clothes on the floor, there were things on the walls, and he toilet was obviously broken. Yea I don't think so. I turned around and immediately walked out, he snickered as I walked by.
Eventually all of the girls went and begged to use the bathroom at the restaurant next door. When we got back to the bus I was standing with the tour guides and my two teachers waiting for the rest of my classmates. A small boy walked towards us, stopped right in front of me, stared, threw up his hands, screamed something in Chinese and took off running. The tour guides and my teachers immediately started laughing, turns out he yelled "I surrender." Who knows why.
After a long bus ride we ended up at a really awesome hotel. I was roommates with Jasmine, one of my classmates in the upper level class. As soon as we dropped our stuff off and strategically placed my bag in front of the window, we headed to dinner. We as in, jasmine, lev, JR and myself. Prior to the start of the Sichuan trip,us four and our other classmate katlyn decided to buy matching neon "Nike" fanny packs, for $2 online. We all have a different color of the rainbow and boy do we look freaking amazing. Only in China can we wear these.
We went to dinner in this ridiculous garb and I scowered the menu for something that wasn't spicy. I ended up with garlic shoots and "mixed meat." It was delicious and not spicy, but the meat was definitely more fat then anything. The restaurants in this town were all set up very differently. They kind of reminded me of a state fair, as in you ate out side on picnic bench like tables, underneath a tin roof. Some point during dinner it started to pour down rain. We quickly payed our bill and snuck into a near by shop to buy some panchos. Fanny pack...panchos....what have I turned into??
After spending less money on 白酒 ( white liquor) then our panchos, we headed back to the hotel. We all crammed in one of the rooms, played cards, and drank until the wee hours. At one point bohemian rhapsody came on. We sang so loud one of our classmates from two floors up came to quiet us down.

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I know we talked on the phone, but I have to post that you went the entire trip with fishy clothes and a nasty backpack. You are becoming a tough "fortune" cookie!!

by kellyingalls

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