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China caught the flu

rain 40 °F

I'm not sure if this has made it to international news yet, but....the bird flu has broken out in China. While staying in Sichuan I saw the news about a few suspected cases of it in Jiangsu province, the province I currently live in. It turns out there are only a couple people who have contracted it so far, and I believe a few of them are in Nanjing. SO....fingers crossed I don't get the bird flu!!
Also I just wanted to say this marks my two months of being abroad! Only two months and 12 days left before I come home!
Oh and PS!
The rest of the Sichuan posts will have to wait a few days. I am having major difficulties uploading photos and I refuse to post a blog about some of the most gorgeous monasteries without having photographs to share with you all.
I can talk about what I did today though, which included FISHING!! And EATING!
I was looking forward to a nice resting day today, but not a chance. I was woken at 8am and told to get dressed quickly because my aunty and uncle were coming to pick me up. Most of my clothes were still dirty from our trip to Sichuan last week and most still smelled like fish, so I chose a dress with some tights. Later I realized we were going fishing and I felt silly wearing what I was, but a few of the women showed up in heels. Fishing in heels, i would love to hear what grandpa had to say about this. We drove for about a half hour and came to this narrow road along a dirty river. I can't help but remember what I have been hearing on the news lately about dead pigs being found in rivers and thousands of ducks popping up dead on river banks (if you haven't heard about this already I encourage you to google "dead pigs in Shanghai"), and thinking that I don't want to eat anything that comes out of that river. Thankfully we pulled off the road and up to this oldish cabun like building. It reminded me of a lakeside cabin/motel. There were numerous rooms and they had numbers on them, later I found out they were dining rooms. This entire thing over looked a "pond." More or less it looked like a huge concrete swimming pool, filled with water that made the nearby river look clean. And this is where we fished. On the back side of this were numerous greenhouses. Most were filled with strawberries and others were filled with different types of vegetables. I gave fishing a try but it is no where what I am used to doing. The poles we used were about 20 feet long, with no reel. We used one tiny live worm and fought for elbow room among all of the grandpas. You were lucky if you got downwind from one that didn't have a cigarette dangling from his mouth. The man next to us looked like he should be on the fishing channel of China. He had a reel holder, a net holder and instead of worms he was using what looked like homemade power bait. He was catching them left and right. But ah ha the jokes on him, you pay per pound of fish you catch or i guess per kg? damn you metric system. I fished for about ten minutes before I lied and said my arms were tired. Really I was just bored out of my mind. No jiggs, no trolling, you only stand there and stare at your pole till you think something is nibbling on it. Not my type of fishing! I didn't even get to gaff anything!!
I watched my aunty fish for a bit, she caught one after a while which was pretty eventful. My uncle had gone in with the men to play cards, so the grandpas were huddled around us trying to get the hook out of its mouth, the whole time my aunty is getting her line tangled in everyone one else's. Then my uncle comes over and tries to put it in the net, and it gets loose and bounces between his legs towards the water, it was something you would see on the three stooges.
I eventually got cold and bored and went searching for my little sister. She was inside with her friend playing games on their phones. The only game I had on my phone was sudoku. Still not any good at it after the hour we sat there and played. Lunch was delicious, of course fish was served. I choose not to eat any of it, mostly because it was in the middle of the table and I am not that confident at my chopstick skills especially in front of a large group of people.
After lunch we went out and separated my aunys catch. She got 7 altogether. Then things got really interesting. Instead of just batting the fish, they were dumped onto the ground and then transferred into a cooler filled with water. Multiply this by about 4 others doing the same thing and the whole parking lot was just flopping around. I haven't checked yet, but I think they're in our bathroom now. This takes fresh fish to an extreme.
We returned to my aunty and uncles house to watch some tv. Then my aunty and I rode double on her scooter back to the house I am staying at, the whole time I was in my dress. As if I don't already draw enough attention to myself, I am now accidently flashing people while screaming bloody marry flying through interesections behind a woman wearing a neon purple jacket. Oh China I don't think you were prepared for me.
Now I'm sitting at my desk trying to find the motivation to do my homework. It sounds like a monsoon outside, if I were back home it would definitely be one of those nights we would worry about a tree coming down. The wind is scary loud and I can't help but to get a little nervous about flooding, but we are on the fifth floor, I should be ok at least for the night ;)

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Loved this! Fishing in China.

by kellyingalls

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