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I have been scolded by my mother because I haven't blogged in a while. My apologies. I would like to say it is because I have had midterms this week, but we all know its because I got my VPN working which means I am able to get on Facebook and YouTube. There goes all my time.
I feel like the days are getting more and more uneventful. We're starting to get in a very steady rhythm. Wake up, go to class for four hours in the morning, go get bubble tea, go to grammar tutor, head to pronunciation tutor, walk home, eat dinner, do homework, and go to sleep. Annnnndddd repeat. Except for Tuesdays and Thursdays throw in two hours of a complete waste of time culture class. I usually don't complain about classes, every professor is different, and so is every class, but I have never ever disliked a class as much as this one.
However I have got to say beyond this class CIEE the program I am on, has done a great job with everything. They found all of us graduate students whose majors are teaching Chinese as a second language, to become our tutors. My tutor, her English name is Sara, is by far the most serious. She is. My professors main TA and I dread the days that we have quizzes and tutoring on the same day. Usually she greets me with a "hello 凯西, today your quiz wasn't so good" or when she asks me If I have questions and I say no, she replies with a "but you got questions blahblahblah wrong." To be honest I used to completely dislike her. I thought she was mean and I thought she didn't like me, but we have become really good friends. We are only required to meet for two hours a week, but because she knew I had a midterm this week she has met with me for almost six hours in less then two weeks. This is could be for various reasons. One, its good experience for her
or two, its because she gets paid. Secretly I hope though it's because we're friends.
My pronunciation tutor on the other hand is the most adorable thing ever and I can tell we both think the world of each other. Usually we are supposed to practice our lesson from the week and make sure my tones are right. Last week however we talked about shopping and movies, exchanged QQ numbers, and when I told her her pen was really cute she immediately insisted that I have it. That's something that I have noticed of the culture. If you complement something, the best gift someone could give you and the best way to show they like you is to immediately offer it to you. I have lost numerous of my erasers, candy, pens, and little trinkets from home because Mary looks through things in my room, and I know when I hear that oh so innocent "what's this?" It really means she likes it. No problem though, I have always wanted a little sister to spoil. It definitely goes both ways, a few weeks ago we had a little gift exchange. She would run into my room with piles of pens and huge (poorly translated) erasers with english on them, or candy and I would always return with something interesting I had, although I am running out of uniquely American things.
However!!! This weekend I finally found it. Peanut butter!!!!!!!!!! I've eaten almost half a jar in the past two days. And can I just say its a little bit more strange when you try and just eat peanut butter off a chopstick rather then a spoon. My family has been giving me raisins every so often since I got here and every time I can't help but to think of ants on a log. So...what was the first thing I did when I cracked open that peanut butter? Made freaking ants on a log, or more like ants on a tree because I ate about four bananas. (Just for the record, I taught my 奶奶 how to say banana, it comes out as banananan). Yea they don't call me puddles for nothing. Tonight though I made the oh so bold decision to try and explain what the name was in English. Armed with my ipad I started out translating the word ant, and pointing at the raisin. Ok they got that, then translating the word log. Ok way too many variations of log for them to figure out what I mean. Eventually I just broke down and called them ants on wood. Same thing yea?
My aunty quickly interrupted me with a "In china ants aren't this big!"
.....this is exactly what I dread happening. Now they think I eat result ants on bananas. I translated the word for joke and said it is a joke name because the raisins only kind of look like ants, and the banana looks like a tree. Yea they weren't having it. But they did at least try some, after much persistence on my part.

Welllllll.....That's it for now until i get my mom's long list of blog Suggestions. It's late here and I have a 20 minute presentation to give in the morning in Chinese about Chinese Dragon Myths so I should probably sleep.
One last thing though!!!
There was a 7.0 earthquake in Sichuan last week. It was in the exact same place that we were at a few weeks ago. Hundreds of people are injured and quite a few people died. Thankfully the new friends we made are ok, but it would be wonderful if everyone could say a prayer for the people there. While visiting we saw how much progress they had made from the huge quake in 2008, and now they were hit again. I can't imagine how frustrated and sad they are feeling.
Also give thanks we weren't there when it happened, even though there was a few weeks between our trip I still feel like we just squeaked out of there. God sure does have plans for me!
Jeremiah 29:11:)
Oh and because blogs with out pictures are boring. Enjoy these random photos from the past few weeks.
Best cookies ever??


Tacos...and chopsticks....I'm gonna bring this idea back to the states image


My friend on the program. We were studying" for ou grammar midterm. Hehe


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Awesome post. In question though...what do you use a bananananan for?? Ants on a log is made with celery, my friend! Now ants on a tree, that sounds awesome but watch out for splinters!

by AddiAsh

對不起,我搞砸了,並發送相同的消息。香蕉,葡萄乾和花生醬YUC love Dad

by quilbilly

I think ants on a chopstick is hilariously funny.

by kellyingalls

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