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Getting lost on our last day in Shanghai

Then finding our way to the club

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As you can tell from the title it was our last day in Shanghai today. And to be honest the day part of it was sort of a bust. We both woke up fairly early and spent the morning getting our things packed up so we could switch our rooms. Then we thought it would probably be a good idea to find ourselves a place to sleep while in Beijing, so we took an hour or so planning for Beijing. The hardest part about planning for our hostel was knowing what we are going to be doing there so we can plan accordingly. But at least we had a friend to help! image


Hence it was mostly just a planning day, but oh did we plan! And Skype!! image


I got to Skype my friend Christian from UW who was studying in Sichuan last summer!
But anyways Here's what we got for a gameplan:
Tuesday 02/12 we will fly to Beijing at 9:00am. We will stay in Beijing until Sunday upon which we will fly to Xi'an. There we will visit the Terrecotta soldiers. On 02/19 we will fly to Nanjing and on the 21st I will start school (boo!!!! Why can't I just travel forever??) Want to know the absolute best part of this? For three flights and approximately 9 days worth of hostels it costs less then $300. There is this AWESOME website called Ctrip that Misty's housemate had used. You can get domestic flights dirt cheap. For example our flight from Beijing to Xi'an is only costing us $30. Also, the hostel I will be staying in in Beijing only costs $6 a night. I haven't even spent the original $500 I changed at the airport and I haven't been the most tight handed as I would like to be with my spending. I love Asia.
After our plans were mapped out, hostels purchased and flights arranged, we checked into our new room. It was a 4 bed mixed dorm. $8/night. We both really wanted to see the Shanghai museum though so we threw our stuff on our bunks and booked it to the metro. By the time we got lost numerous times, walked in about 3 circles and asked an umpteenth amount of a Chinese for directions, we still didn't find the museum and sadly it closed. The last lady to give us directions though told us that maybe we would like to see the world expo area, which was only a ¥2 metro ride away. First i had to turn full asian though and buy hello kitty lenseless glasses. image


We had nothing better to do so we went and we got lost again. Eventually we found it. And it was a complete ghost town. The mall where the expo was, was probably 4 stories and you could count on one hand how many people there were. We got hungry though and after taking pictures in that cool light thing we found a "fancy" restaurant. image




The servers and hostess and even the cook I think, bombarded us when we walked in. either they were excited for a customer, or they thought se couldn't comprehend the menu. All wanted to help, but none would leave us alone. We eventually kind of let them pick for us, and we ended up with one dish to many. That was alright though because it was the only dish not eye watering-tears-running-down-your-face hot and it was awesome!! So good. Later I found out it was made with ferns. This whole time I had such a gourmet food growing in our front yard and we just run them over with the mower. I guess that it makes sense I like them, my zodiac animal iiis the goat.
After dinner we caught the metro home. We met one of our roommates. His English name is Don. His Chinese name is Xiao Ming. He is around our age and has been living at the same hostel for 2 months while he searched for a job. He just got one last week, some thing having to do with marketing. He didn't speak a word of English, but we carried on quite a long conversation. He gave us some cookies, the first one I grabbed was a coconut cookie and really good, the second was a seaweed cookie and I had to choke it down so as not to offend him. But it was nasty, and as soon as he left Misty finished it for me. I gave him some Seattle Chocolates ( thanks again chels, I have given it to a few people as gifts already). He didn't want to take it but I tried to explain best I could that my sister sells it and I get it for cheap, and out of curiosity I asked how many people were in is family. He replied "只我"just me. It's the kinda thing that makes your heart ache, and the language gap didn't help much with the awkward silence.
That night we decided to go out with our new friend Andy that we had met in the lobby earlier in the day. It was his birthday and we were all to go out to the club. We met in the hostel bar and we played a few games of pool, I won one, he won one, and we headed to club no.97 by about 11pm. ( for some strange reason all the clubs in Shanghai don't have names, just numbers, for example no.88, no.97...etc)
This club...was good if not better then no.88. Because it was Andy's birthday and they knew the owners we all got in for free and we all got free drinks. Woohoo. We had quite the entourage from the hostel too, and boy were we diverse. There were french girls and guys, German guys, a girl from Mexico, A girl from Argentina, Chinese guys (of course), a Croatian and a Russian guy. The common language? A strange mixture of English and Chinese. I love it. At one point everyone was yelling different languages trying to coordinate cabs to the club and someone yells "what language does everyone know the best??" The drunker people got the more their native languages came out.
The club itself was really busy and it seems like every person I met was not from China. I made friends from Spain, Italy, Morocco, France and more friends from Germany. Shanghai is a very worldly place. We also ran into our friends Ben and Robin from the nights prior which was fun!
However, I have never EVER seen so much puking at a club. I personally almost got barfed on twice, one projectile-y hit the wall behind me. Sick. Later I found out that the people who rent VIP booths get their own special barf escort, someone there specifically to hold your hair when you puke. Um, aren't that what friends are for? We made or home by 3:30am. It was supposed to be an early night because we had to wake up at 6am for our flight, oops. When we eventually got up and checked our things out of the hostel we met Andy and some of the French people just getting in. (This was 7am!!!) Good thing we didn't stick with them, we would've missed our flight. We all exchanged emails, and will definitely being making numerous train rides to visit them all in Shanghai once I am settled in Nanjing.

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How exciting to almost have barf spewed all over you!! Story of my life lately!! That sounds like an interesting club and yea, that's what your friend are for!! Glad you made your flight!! Sounds like some cool friends!!

by AddiAsh

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