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Frozen feet, lots of meat, and a damn good deal on beats

snow 30 °F

Well this morning started very early. At approx 3am I wake up to find misty blogging...I had a very foggy Skype chat with my sister and her family, and at some point I was taking pictures out the window. I must've been still asleep because I did all this, crawled back in bed and was out until about 8am. This day was full of wanderings. We decided to try and find our next hostel without our huge backpacks, which was a fantastic idea because of the amount of circles we walked in. It took the whole damn day. But I will start at the beginning.
8am, I awake to misty looking out the window. Once she sees I'm awake she goes "Kacey there is meat outside our window!" Uh, ok? Like for us to eat orrrr...? She goes no there is raw meat just sitting there...come look! Oh wait it's gone now. It was a very strange conversation to have first thing in the morning, but thankfully she took a picture and I got to witness this mysterious meat hanging outside our window. It took us a while to get going and we left by about 10:30. We were both starving and decided to find a cheap lunch. We went to a beef hot pot restaurant. We tried to order in Chinese with the 7 year old running the cash register, but my Chinese wasn't adequate and he brought his mom over. I ordered chicken, and misty beef. It cost us both about $2 usd. Cheap and good good food. Big bowls of soup with noodles and a weird egg. I avoided the egg.
Next we went and browsed through some shops. We eventually made it to the people's square, which is really more like a huge rectangle. It's blocks and blocks of shopping, but you walk in the street, avoiding the trolley. First however we went into the 4 story forever 21 in search of "shou tao" or In English, gloves. My hands were nearly frozen, and it snowed off and on all day. No luck in forever 21, but we eventually found some at a place on the street. We continued meandering on our way, the whole time looking for south jiangxi street. So, we did what we thought best. W snuck in the back of the Mariot, pretended to be staying there, stole their English map, and found our street!! It was right along the river, very pretty and more of a walk way then a street, it's going to take a lot of effort to walk there tomorrow though with our bags, so I'm a little worried.
The outside of the new hostel is awesome! You have to walk down this concrete walkway with big plants on oneside, they have an outside terrace garden thing, and a batt mitten net. I will post pictures of the front soon, because its really hard explain. We were planning on getting four nights, but they were full and we only ended up with two. We are staying in a 6 bedroom dorm and it only costs $10 a night.
We walked back petting dogs and sometimes saying hi to locals. We ended up back on the Main Street where all the shopping was, we tried to go to the museum but it was closed for the holiday. We did get a Starbucks though, a peach tea latte!! SO GOOD!
Beats headphones by Dr.Dre, which cost close to $300 in the US. I had to try my hardest not to buy them before I left. And here they were, waiting to be bartered for, the man started with ¥600 right out the gate. I had to act like that was an outrageous price, Yea no way. too expensive, that would be $100. In my head( OMFG only $100??????)
So I kinda looked interested and casually said, no too expensive, eventually we were battering back and forth, and I remember saying "我是大学生, 我没有很多钱." I am a college student I don't have much money. And he goes, oh ok since you are college student I will give them to you for ¥400, $60. Later when we were in a store getting a phone for misty, I found beats and they only cost ¥460, I feel like I could have bargained the first guy a little lower.
We headed back to the hostel, I listened to my new head phones, they had scuff marks on them and I can tell they are not brand new, possibly a floor model, but who cares?? My headphones broke on the plane over anyways.
We decided it would be fun to check out the bund next. It's an old water front street, with very French style buildings. It was snowing SO hard, and so unbelievably cold. Thankfully misty had bought some masks, so our faces were nice and warm, my feet were soaked through. The bund was cool, but there was so much snow you could hardly see across the water! The coolest part was that they had an exact replica of the the bull in New York, it was made by the same guy, and so they decided to have one in shanghai's financial district as well.
We peaked in a few shops on the way home, but I was ready to get warm and dry. Once back I took a shower cleaned up my things, ran downstairs to eat dinner and crashed at about 9pm.
I just woke up on Saturday morning, it's a out 8:30am. The buildings Are covered with snow, but it is sunny!! Now the smog is noticeable, it would be a bright blue clear sky, but you can stare directly at the sun with out being blinded. I wonder if smog increases the risk of getting sunburned? I guess we will see! We're out to get breakfast and make that 30 min walk to our next hostel.
Bye for now!

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We love your blog, Dad wants to know the rest of the story about the meat. Ha!

by kellyingalls

Adam and I laughed so hard about the headphones!! Good job bartering!! Hope the snow lets up a bit so you can see a few more sights and not freeze!

by AddiAsh

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